History & Overview

Buckeye Classic History
The Buckeye Classic began like most other fundraising efforts, from the need to financially support our athletes. The Buckeye Gymnastics team program was formed from the remains of many other team programs, therefore, the club had competitors at all levels in its first year. If this new competition was to earn the support of all the booster families, it had to include all competitive levels.

The first Classic (1984) was held in a private club, and even though over 200 gymnasts had registered, a blizzard kept many from attending. The Boosters lost their shirts, but everyone who showed up agreed that it was a great idea to bring all of their gymnasts to the same competition. Others in the gymnastics community agreed and clubs started hiring buses to haul in every gymnast they had in their competitive program; 30, 40, even 50 gymnasts would pile off those buses. The competition soon attracted over 1,000 competitors and we had to set up another gym. Over 2,000 young ladies participated in this year’s competition.

Watch our 2007 video to see what The Classic is all about…  or watch it on YouTube

Who has competed in the Buckeye Classic?
The list reads like a “who’s who” of US gymnastics: Amanda Borden, Kerri Strug, Dominique Dawes, Kim Zmeskal, Kristy Powell, Marline Stephens, Carly Patterson, Liz Tricase and many others have graced the Classic as well as the Olympic Games and World Championships with their fine performances.

It is possible, even likely, that future Olympians and National Champions will be competing in the Classic. They may be found in the Open competition or they might be found in the Level 4 competition. We may not know for several years. What we do know is that we are glad that they are here. We hope that the Classic continues to earn the right to serve as the birth place of Olympic dreams and the bragging rights to proclaim itself as one of the premier gymnastics competitions in the world.